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About us

GHEOTECH Italia s.r.l. is an Italian Company operating in the water treatment and sanitation sector.
The GHEOTECH Italia s.r.l. have H.Q. in Milan, a manufacturing Unit in Marche region and operating Unit in Seregno (MB).

Our applications

Water Treatment

The Companies Group are able to deal with and solve even complex problems with regard to water treatment.

Swimming Pool Application

GHEOTECH Italia s.r.l. have engineered a system (patent n. 102016000110151) taylored for use in swimming pool plants able to improve water and thermal energy cost.

BIOX 9055

GHEOTECH Italia s.r.l. developed a stabilized chlorine dioxide solution, BIOX 9055, which has no risk of mixing or using it.

Our Experience

Over thirty years, the Companies Group are dealing with water treatment, principally engaged in the field of primary water (well water treatment, drinking water, aqueducts), as well as in the industrial, health, agro-food, chemical, petrochemical, mechanical and textile industries.

The spirit that animates us is to bring together different activities with a common purpose:
to help enrich the lives of all
providing high quality products and solutions at affordable prices.

Gheotech Italia

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